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China Special Vehicle Spotlight

Dongfeng Rolls Out The 6,000,000th CV to Mark...

Special Vehicle Parts News

Growing Global Presence Has Strengt...

Growing Global Presence Has Strengthened Weichai’s Risk-Management Capacity

On August 31 this year, 200 units Weichai engines (CKD) were delivered to China-Belarus Industrial Park in Minsk,

Special Vehicle News

SHACMAN Celebrates the 70th Anniver...

SHACMAN Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of The People's Republic of China

The sky is clear, the autumn is cool, the sword is like the rainbow, the military power is vast Celebrating the

Special Vehicle Statistics

Jiefang Sold 17,600 Units Natu...

SAIC Hongyan Sold 12,480 Units...

China Heavy-duty Truck Sales V...

Special Vehicles Manufacturers

    • ZhongTong Automobile Industrial Group Co., Ltd
    • Heilongjiang Beigong Special Vehicle Co., Ltd

ZhongTong Automobile Industria...

Heilongjiang Beigong Special V...

Special Vehicles in Operation

Special Vehicle Parts Suppliers

Allison transmission Inc.

Cummins Inc.



  • SD Tiema Powder transportation vehicle
    SD Tiema Powder trans
  • Liangshan Yazhong Van
    Liangshan Yazhong Van
  • Qindao QD9400GSN concrete semi-trailer
    Qindao QD9400GSN concr
  • LHY9402AGFL powder/material semi-trailer
    LHY9402AGFL powder/mate
  • LHY9404GHY chemical fuel semi-trailer
    LHY9404GHY chemical fuel semi-trailer
  • China Sanitation Trucks


  • Sino Truck grabage dump truck
    Sino Truck grabage dump truck
  • Changan Sealed garbage truck
    Changan Sealed garbage truck
  • Dongfeng 140 garbage dump truck
    Dongfeng 140 garbage dump truck
  • Dongfeng Jinba compressed garbage truck
    Dongfeng Jinba compres
  • Dongfeng CLW5100 garbage truck
    Dongfeng CLW5100 garbage truck
  • China Fire Truck


  • Dongzheng Sinotruck Styer Fire-extinguishing Truck
    Dongzheng Sinotruck St
  • Dongfeng Tianjin Fire-extinguishing Water Tanker (6t)
    Dongfeng Tianjin Fire-
  • XCMG JP42 water tower fire vehicle
    XCMG JP42 water tower fire vehicle
  • XCMG JP32 water tower fire vehicle
    XCMG JP32 water tower fire vehicle
  • XCMG JP25B water tower fire vehicle
    XCMG JP25B water tower fire vehicle
  • China Engineering-vehicles


  • Xingma AH5259GJB concrete mixer vehicle
    Xingma AH5259GJB concr
  • Xingma AH5250GJB1 concrete mixer vehicle
    Xingma AH5250GJB1 conc
  • AH5257GJB concrete mixer vehicle
    AH5257GJB concrete mixer vehicle
  • Xingma AH5310GJB1 concrete mixer vehicle
    Xingma AH5310GJB1 conc
  • AH5257GJB1 concrete mixer  vehicle
    AH5257GJB1 concrete mixer vehicle
  • China Hospital Van


  • Huachen Golden glass Haishi ambulance
    Huachen Golden glass Haishi ambulance
  • SH5034XJH high top and extended ambulance
    SH5034XJH high top an
  • Huizhong SH5491XJH(common)ambulance
    Huizhong SH5491XJH(com
  • BJ5036A1DXA-S1 MP-X ambulance
    BJ5036A1DXA-S1 MP-X ambulance
  • SDL5020XJH View ambulance
    SDL5020XJH View ambulance
  • China Special Car Parts


  • HC16
  • Steyr Pusher tandem
    Steyr Pusher tandem
  • Weichai 226B
    Weichai 226B
  • Dongfeng Cummins L Series
    Dongfeng Cummins L Series
  • HW16
  • Dongfeng Cummins ISBe Series
    Dongfeng Cummins ISBe Series
  • HanDe Hd48501
    HanDe Hd48501
  • Fast 16JS180T200T240T
    Fast 16JS180T200T240T
  • Qijiang 5S-150GP
    Qijiang 5S-150GP
  • Weichai WP12
    Weichai WP12
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